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This diminishes issues with muscle guarding, with an easy to use wired remote control. The device uses a lever arm with a comfortable foam roller padding placed against the patients ankle and is moved by an electric actuator. It is recommended to start treatment as soon as possible after surgery to prevent ROM issues or if you’re just finding out about the TKR 2000 it can be used when traditional therapy and stretching techniques have failed to achieve normal ROM. The machine can also be used to help avoid another surgery to regain normal ROM where the patient would have to go under anesthesia and be manually ranged to break up scar tissue by a surgeon.

The TKR 2000 is completely controlled by the patient.....

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Your in-home Knee Machine Will Stretch and Strengthen Your Knee

The TKR 2000 is a patent pending patient controlled mechanical over-pressure stretching and strengthening device designed and developed to be used either in the convenience of their own home or with your Occupational Therapist in a physical therapy environment.

​​​​​​​Recommended by top orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists the TKR 2000 is a dual action machine that dramatically increases your Knee's Range of Motion (ROM) by being capable of stretching the knee joint in both full extension and flexion from one device. 

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You must realize that your brain is the most powerful organ in your body, and it controls many functions subconsciously.  It takes over your bodily functions anytime it thinks it needs to protect you, which is generally a good thing.

However, it becomes a bad thing, with traditional knee rehabilitation methods, whether we are talking about manual manipulation by a therapist, or a continuous passive motion-CPM Machine.  

Under these circumstances, your brain tends to take over and guard your bodies movement, as to not injure the body part any further.  This can increase injury to your knee, as you are actually fighting against the movement, before your body is ready for that type of manipulation.
We have solved this muscle guarding issue, with the TKR 2000.  We have taken the manipulation and control from your therapist or your CPM machine, and put it directly in your hands.  

Now you can stretch your knee, at your own pace, little by little. When you control the movement, your brain does not control the muscle guarding, which leaves you with a calm and beneficial knee rehabilitation session, with a smile and noticeable improvement every time.

Muscle Guarding Can Be a Major Issue During Rehabilitation of Your Knee

Bypass Muscle Guarding in Your Knee Therapy with the TKR2000 Knee Machine

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The TKR 2000 Provides Solutions to Many Types of Knee Injuries Effecting ROM

Correcting your Knee Range of Motion is the most important part of your healing following any type of knee surgery.  You may have a wounded knee in your past, where you wore a knee brace.  It could have started with a simple back of knee pain, and you were prescribed medicine to provide knee pain relief.  We have found that the TKR 2000 is helping patients avoid costly knee surgeries or total knee replacements, by increasing the range of motion and working through old scar tissue issues.  Even if surgery is your doctor’s choice, he will probably recommend Prehabilitaion to increase strength an range of motion with the TKR 2000. 

SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION​​​​​​​ to discuss your needs.  

​​​​​​​Make sure you discuss your situation with your doctor.  Ask him if physical therapy, to increase your range of motion would benefit you.  If so, call us and schedule a Free Consultation, so you can begin healing with the TKR 2000.


This is typically the number one problem for post knee surgery patients.  Range of motion refers to the normal range of movement for a joint where it can move freely and painlessly. Range of motion in a joint is measured in two areas:

⦁    Extension: how far it can be stretched out.
⦁    Flexion: how far it can be bent​​​

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​​​​​Typically, scar tissue builds up around the knee joint after injury and surgery. The result is that your Range of Motion can be severely reduced.  This is what minimizes your knee movement and causes pain & discomfort.  This can lead to Gait problems, issues with hip pain and back pain, as well as the inability to a participate in activities of daily living. 

 When you fight against the CPM machine your provide additional trauma to your knee, which then provides additional fluid.  Because of the pain, you do not move your leg as you should.  If you do not move your leg, it becomes stiff, and you will not reach your range of motion milestones.  During this same timeline, scar tissue begins to form with your body’s natural healing process.  

​​​​​​​If you allow the scar tissue to form, before your increase your range of motion, then you knee will essentially become stiff without full range of motion.  The longer the time period goes, the further set back your recovery becomes.  This may lead to you having to undergo MUA, which you could have avoided the pain and this procedure by proactively using the TKR 2000 before surgery, after surgery, and following a continued regiment consistently to continue to keep your knee in its optimal condition and ROM.


Plan on having your TKR 2000 delivered prior to knee surgery when possible.  Otherwise, ensure you get it delivered as soon as you would like your recovery to move in a positive direction.  You are truly in a race against time.  Edema is a condition characterized by an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body, in this case your knee and why your knee has swollen.  

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This increased pressure presses on your nerves, which is why you feel pain when you try and move your leg.  This is where the race begins for you and why it is so important to begin therapy right away.  This is also why the old method of utilizing a CPM machine does not work.


Manipulation under anesthesia is a technique for treating stiffness and poor Range of Motion.  This decrease in ROM is usually due to scar tissue and fibrous adhesions around the knee, caused by a past injury or surgery.  This can be a common side effect after a Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), when ROM is not taken seriously.

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This surgical procedure is also commonly referred to as a Total Knee Replacement (TKR). This is a surgical procedure typically done under general anesthesia by an Orthopedic Surgeon, where parts of the knee are replaced with artificial parts. The surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone and place new metal and plastic joint surfaces to repair the knee.

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The ACL is a cruciate ligament in the knee that attaches from the underside of the femur (the thigh bone) to the front of the tibia. Injuries to the ACL can occur in a number of situations, including sports, and hyperextension of the knee. The surgery can done arthroscopically to repair the ligaments, cartilage, and bone in the knee.

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Arthrofibrosis or stiff knee syndrome commonly occurs following knee trauma or surgery such as ACL reconstruction or Total Knee Replacement. Arthrofibrosis is due to scar tissue building up inside of the knee.  This can cause the knee joint to shrink and tighten, which is the number one reason for decreased Range of Motion.  Depending on the severity, your doctor could opt to surgically remove the scar tissue.  However, working on the TKR 2000 might enable you to not need that procedure.

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